A Lender’s Perspective #2

A Lender’s Perspective #2 26-year-old Ryan came into my office to talk about a “truck loan”. So I asked him the usual starter question for someone seeking a vehicle loan. I was certainly not expecting his story to unfold as it did. Here is Ryan’s story… He was a super… Read More »A Lender’s Perspective #2


A Lender’s Perspective #1

A Lender’s Perspective #1 I was a personal account manager for a top financial institution for many years. During my time as a banker, I discovered a love of lending. I met many different people and I advised them in many different situations. Although the situations were all unique, many… Read More »A Lender’s Perspective #1


Cashless Society?

Cashless Society? I recently had a discussion with a friend about the world moving toward a completely digital monetary system. We talked about how there is already a huge reliance on plastic with credit and debit cards. We discussed how the last few years have introduced even more technology based… Read More »Cashless Society?


Why Teach Your Kids About Financial Literacy?

44% of Americans do not have an emergency fund of $400*56% of Americans have less than $10,000 for retirement savings**69% of students take out a student loan, with the average loan being $29,800***There are many obvious reasons why kids need a financial education. The most glaring being the lack of readiness for an emergency, little retirement preparation and the rising debt load for students.