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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills


  • Financial Literacy is a Global Issue Published July 20, 2022 The topic of financial literacy is getting a lot of attention; however, the numbers are still eye-openingly low. Still only
  • A Summer of Money Learning Made Fun Published June 22, 2022 Summer is here and with it comes the challenge of keeping your kids engaged and occupied. If you’re finding
  • Advertising & Kids Published June 15, 2022 Kids these days have immense purchasing power and influence on markets. Because of that, they are being heavily targeted by advertisers. According to
  • Kids These Days Are SO Lucky! Published June 8, 2022 Generation Alpha is not your average generation of kids and rightfully so! After all, they are raised by millennial parents
  • MoneyPrep & Financial Literacy
    MoneyPrep & Financial Literacy - A Love Story Published May 26, 2022 MoneyPrep has over 100,000 users, and we’re constantly growing! Word on the street is people can’t get enough.Here’s
  • Lending for Kids Published April 5, 2022 Borrowing is one of the basic financial literacy skills. Kids need to learn how it works before they enter the real world. It’s