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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills


  • brand loyalty and money-kids financial literacy
    Brand Loyalty and Money Published July 9, 2020 What do you prefer? Heinz Ketchup, Kleenex tissues, Campbell’s soup, Nike shoes, Pampers diapers? We all have our favourites. Would you abandon
  • power of a handshake-money lessons for kids
    The Power of a Handshake Published July 9, 2020 The best advice my kids have ever received was from our neighbour. He is a professional man, very successful in the
  • spending is learning-kids financial literacy
    Spending is Learning! Published July 2, 2020 Spending is how your kids learn! Saving is very important too… But greater lessons come from spending.I know, I know… It is sometimes
  • talk to your kids about money
    Talk Openly and Honestly About Money With Your Kids! Published June 28, 2020 Talk to them about the importance of planning ahead (not for a pandemic, but for an emergency).Talk
  • give your child a bright financial future
    10 Ways to Give Your Child a Bright Financial Future! Published June 25, 2020 1. Talk openly about money, jobs, the economy & current events.2. Don’t give them money, teach
  • protect your kids from a wallet crisis
    Protect Your Kids From a Wallet Crisis Published June 12, 2020 Today, more than ever in this current economic climate, we are realizing the need for budgeting. I heard some