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For Parents

Teach your kids about smart money management from a young age.

MoneyPrep has designed an interactive learning experience called MoneyQuest, a fun and engaging game style learning environment.

Sign up for MoneyPrep and your children will have access to a multitude of money management tools that they can routinely use and learn from.

How does MoneyPrep prepare your child for a bright financial future?

They Will Learn How To:

  • Count and manipulate money
  • Spend wisely
  • Prioritize
  • Understand saving
  • Create a money plan
  • Track money
  • Make insightful money decisions

Why Choose MoneyPrep?

Focused on Financial Literacy

Our lessons are current and relevant to today’s economy and the real world. We are leaders in providing financial education to children.

Comprehensive Solution

We offer financial learning from beginning-to-end and everything in-between. Our lessons span the whole financial literacy spectrum for ages 5-10 yrs.

Highly Motivating

Our online educational platform keeps your child motivated to learn through a reward system designed to encourage continual development.

Moneyprep is Fun!

Your children will have fun playing engaging MoneyQuest challenges and spending their earned coins in the virtual marketplace.

Valuable Support Resources

We provide you with an array of valuable resources to support your child’s financial journey and maybe even start your own!

Moneyprep Works!

Watch your child’s spending behaviour change with smarter money habits.

Help Your Children Become Money Smart!

What Parents And Teachers Are Saying

“Finally, a way to learn about money that is fun and educational! My kids love to play MoneyPrep and I love that they are learning as they play.”
Mother of 2
“The MoneyPrep Financial Literacy series is a captivating and authentic program for kids. It has an interactive approach to financial literacy and fosters an engaging, meaningful opportunity for learners to engage in money mathematics. Real-world connections interlace financial literacy understanding with lived experiences that create a program worth investing.”
Elementary Teacher
“I enjoy watching my daughter make decisions at a store and tell me her thought process before buying something. Thanks, MoneyPrep!”
Mother of 1