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For Teachers

Everyone agrees that students today need money knowledge to have a bright and healthy financial future. We have fun and interactive resources to help you teach it!

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Help your students learn financial literacy with MoneyPrep

Age-Specific Financial Skills 

MoneyPrep has designed a full series with financial lessons that build on each other. Each grade focuses on concepts that are relevant to their level of understanding.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans – FREE!

Our library of classroom lesson plans includes discussion points, worksheets, and group activities in an easy to use formula. 

Immersive Learning Experience

The MoneyPrep financial literacy education series is a fully connected learning adventure with on-line games that reinforce the financial lessons from your classroom.  Your students can solve money challenges and have fun at the same time!

Why Choose MoneyPrep?

FREE for Educators

You can start enhancing your student’s educational experience tomorrow!  It’s free to access and easy to sign up. Give it a try, you’ll be happy you did.

Focused on Financial Literacy

Our program focuses on what we are good at, teaching money. You can be confident that our lessons are current and relevant for today’s economy.

Comprehensive Solution

 Our lessons span the whole financial literacy spectrum from grade 1 to 4 with age-appropriate skill development and concepts all along the way.

Layered Resources

We offer a comprehensive program for financial education. You choose how much, where, and when to incorporate MoneyPrep into your classroom.

Moneyprep is Fun!

Your students will thoroughly enjoy learning about money with MoneyPrep’s focus on real-world experiences.

Moneyprep Works!

We are very pleased that our lessons are helping children think about money in a deeper, more insightful way.

Help Your Students Become Money Smart!

What Teachers Are Saying

“MoneyPrep lessons are super engaging and fun for my students. They offer essential skill development for the kids and are a trusted resource for me. Highly recommend."
Grade 4 teacher
“Kids love learning about money. It is a favorite topic in my class. The more they learn about financial literacy now, the further ahead they will be when they grow up."
Grade 1 teacher
“I love MoneyPrep! The lesson plans and topics have a real-world focus and my students really enjoy the activities.”
Grade 3 teacher