Front-End Software Developer

As a Front-End Software Developer, you will:

-Build Production-scale React Applications.

-Write stateless functional react components in Firebase.

-Participate in product design.

-Identify bugs and find solutions.

-Design and develop web and mobile-based applications.

-Work with audio and video assets to distributed over the web.

-Collaborate with product managers and designers for new features.

-Research new technologies and approaches to solve problems and improve existing systems.


This may suit you if you:

-have extremely high standards of excellence.

-are independent, self-motivated, efficient and productive.

-are responsible.

-does what it takes to succeed.

-have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

-have an openness to learning.

-love to be a part of a community rather than just show up for work.

-desire to be mentored and grow to be the best version of your professional self.

-are kind, generous, respectful of others and an all-around good person.


Your qualifications:

-6+ years of experience working with Javascript (ES6)/Typescript.

-4+ years of experience working with React (Stateless functional components, Redux / Sagas) + Redux.

-Experience and expertise in Firebase (Cloud functions), Material UI, Github, Jira.

-Previous game development experience preferred.

-Deep understanding of application development practices, design patterns and common software architectures.

-Proven track record of creating clean documentation for software solutions.

-Modern web development experience

-Experience working with APIs.

-Solid grasp of software engineering fundamentals and their practical application


Education and experience

-6+ years of software development experience.

-3+ years of experience in game development preferred.

-Minimum 4 year degree in Computer Science.