Children Learn By Playing With Moneyprep!

  • Fun games and videos that teach responsible money management
  • Fully interactive learning experience for Ages 5 – 10
  •  Face real life scenarios
  • Develop smart money habits

Accelerate your child’s financial education with a Premium Academy Membership!

Moneyprep equips your kids to tackle money matters with its unique and interactive approach to learning.  Give your children the forever gift of financial literacy and get started with your Premium Academy Membership today.

Unlimited Access to Games

Premium membership gives you unlimited access to all the Moneyprep financial literacy learning games. Every level of learning has multiple games that teach, reinforce and develop different essential money handling skills

More Content

Your child will have access to exclusive learning opportunities that reinforce each money lesson at a deeper level. They will gain a stronger understanding of core financial literacy concepts.

More Rewards and Incentives

The Moneyprep program is highly interactive with a “real world simulation” learning and reward system. Premium Academy Membership offers an enriched learning experience.

How It Works

Step 1: Sign up 

Parents sign up for a free membership. You can add a child or multiple children to your account allowing each child to individually log in and begin learning right away.

Step 2: Play

The Moneyprep program is highly engaging with focus on hands on learning. Your child can log in and begin learning money skills with our virtual challenges – for FREE.

Step 3: Learn

As your child plays the games and moves through the levels, they will gain necessary skills to become money masters!

What People Are Saying

“I love money. And I love games. That’s why I really love Moneyprep!”
Age 6, Student
“I have to say, the Moneyprep lessons are really good. These are useful skills in the real world.”
Father of 3
“Moneyprep is a wonderful and insightful program for teaching financial literacy to students. My class enjoys the interactive learning with Moneyprep.” ​
Elementary Teacher