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teach more in a covid classroom

How to Teach More in a Covid Classroom

Teachers are a dedicated bunch of humans. They genuinely want to prepare their students for healthy and successful lives. They do their best every day to impart wisdom, skill and knowledge. They connect with a fresh bunch of students every year, getting to know each and every one of them, helping them reach their potential. Then covid hit.

The ability to connect is more challenging now. Online learning options are becoming a necessity in the classroom, not just a nice to have. Teachers need to rely on digital tools more than ever to manage their classes and to help teach the skills and lessons in the curriculum.

Good online education programs should tick these boxes:

  1. It is fun! Kids retain more when they enjoy their learning. The most popular online supports are the ones that involve games and interactions.
  2. It has solid content. No point in online learning if the kids are not “learning”. The program should contribute to your teaching goals and objectives in a meaningful way.
  3. It is easy to use. The best programs are the ones that are straightforward with a simple process to get the kids started. You want more time spent learning and less time spent on setup.

With any digital learning tool that you introduce to your students, the best way to understand how to maximize its potential is to ask the makers! Also, give it a try yourself. If you enjoy it and see the value, so will your students!

Teachers need to work harder to connect with their students now. Covid has changed the classroom landscape and that means that online learning is here to stay. Use it, embrace it, incorporate it. It can help you achieve your teaching objectives and ensure your students are learning all they need to in order to succeed. The good programs will spark conversation and help you make those meaningful connections with your students.

We all look forward to when life goes back to normal… but the truth is, this event has changed what that normal looks like. Using the lessons we’ve learned over the past year is the best way to approach our “new normal”. And online learning is definitely a part of that.