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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

Kids Are Powerful!

Kids can do amazing things. Here is just one example…

A group of 9 year-olds decided they wanted to help a local charity. They knew they wanted to raise money but they weren’t sure how to do it.

Step 1. They put their heads together and decided to host an art sale.

They recruited all kinds of students to contribute to all kinds of art. They had painted clay, wood carvings, drawings and watercolors. A beautiful array of pieces.

Step 2. They set a goal.

They learned that $500 would buy lunch for 250 homeless people so that was the target.

Step 3. Get the word out!

They printed flyers, told neighbors and created a buzz.

You know how much they made??? $1500!!!

This group of 9 year-olds earned enough money to feed lunch to 750 people.

Powerful? I’d say so! Never underestimate what young minds can do.

Point of the story… Encourage kids to dream big and guide them with the steps to get there! They’ll do it!

Financial wellness is no different. Kids can and should dream big… and they should also understand the work and money habits they need to achieve those dreams.

Teach them Financial Literacy today!