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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

kids that don't learn money are at a disadvantage

Kids That Don’t Learn Money Are at a Disadvantage

Learning about money is as important as breathing. It is necessary to survive in life.

Kids that are taught money concepts early develop better financial habits, and thus they do better in adulthood.

It’s like with anything… the healthier your habits, the more success you will have.

If a child gets in the habit of eating vegetables, limiting sugar, and understanding portions, they build a healthy body. If they are not taught the importance of these things and they gorge on sugars and fast foods, they become unhealthy.

It is much harder to undo these habits and “get healthy” as an adult when you don’t have the foundation of proper food knowledge and habits.

It is the same with finance. Kids need a foundation of proper financial education and habits.

There is a growing movement to teach financial education in schools. And more and more parents are seeing the necessity to teach their kids about money at home.

We just have to start!

The more we push collectively, the more financial education will become the norm. Again, we just have to start.

Each one of us bears a responsibility to ensure that our kids are not disadvantaged at the start line when they enter the race called “the real world”.

In my mind, providing kids a financial education is as important as counting by twos and tying your shoes.