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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

learning new habits made fun

Learning New Habits Made Fun

As we know, all habits are learned, they are not something we are born with. So why not make the learning process fun for your child?

There are tons of fun and interactive educational games out there to help you teach all sorts of habits to your child. Here are the top 3 habits that every child should be taught at home.

Healthy Eating Habits
If there’s anything a child dislikes, it’s eating their greens. Get them to play different nutrition games that can educate them on the importance of it. Once they know what it does for their bodies, they’ll be motivated enough to eat healthy. If you keep it going long enough, it’ll become second nature to them and they won’t even realize the change in their lifestyle!

Cleaning Habits
I remember not wanting to do any chores around the house as a child (surprise surprise!). My mom tried many different tricks to get me interested and she finally found an activity enticing enough for me! Every day, I would help her with one chore and she would give me a gold star on my infamous pink calendar. By the end of the week, she would pay me a certain amount of money depending on the number of stars I had. Money or treats or special events can be a great incentive for kids, find what works for your child and get them cleaning!

Smart Money Habits
Believe it or not, good money habits are as important for children as the other two mentioned above. Finances are a lifelong journey and the sooner you teach your child about money, the better off they will be in the future. MoneyPrep is a great way to start their path to financial literacy. It covers all habits such as saving, spending, budgeting & earning.

Once you’ve started them off with these habits, the key is to make it attractive enough for them to keep going. Once the habit sticks in, it will become easier and effortless. Good luck!