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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

New-Years In-Class Activities

Turn your students’ New Year’s money resolutions into a fun activity this year!

As Educators, you want your students to learn important life skills alongside their curriculum. However, making that connection can be challenging, which is why we recommend adding the fun bit to it. Here are a few things you can do in your classroom to help them create healthy money habits.

Have a Monopoly break!
Playing board games that use pretend money and role play money-making decisions is a great way to break the ice for finance skills. The more that kids are exposed to money play and making choices, even in a fun board game, the more normal handling money becomes.

Money Talks
Open a discussion about goals and ask them how money plays a part in achieving those goals. Houses, cars, trips, Ph.D.’s… they all need money to get there. Talk to them about ways to earn and save… and timelines too!

MoneyPrep Game
Let your students play MoneyPrep. It can enhance your teachings and it helps them build smart money habits. We teach all sorts of skills such as saving, budgeting, spending & earning. All of this while making it super fun and exciting! Kids absolutely LOVE learning with us.

We hope this was of help to you! Happy New Year from all of us at MoneyPrep!