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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

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Role Modelling Financial Wellness During a Pandemic

The pandemic of 2020 will be written about in history books, just like the Spanish flu. It has affected millions in innumerable ways. Every time the human race faces a natural disaster, the best we can hope to do is to learn from it, once we are on the other side.

Granted we are not yet on the other side of this global pandemic, but what have we learned thus far? And are we passing on those insights to the next gen?

We can postulate that our kids will likely face another global crisis in their lifetime, be it a health one, a natural disaster or a man made one. We can also safely assume that how they prepare will determine how they fare.

Their future success depends alot on the habits and attitudes they are learning right now. When it comes to preparing for the unknown, money skills are high on the list of priorities. Financial wellness and comfort with the topic of money is important in so many ways. It reduces stress, gives you feelings of security and helps you to face everyday challenges with confidence.

The best thing you can do for your kids is be a good role model with finances. Be open with them about money and start the dialogue. Don’t be embarrassed or unsure where to start, just start. Whether you realize it or not, your kids are watching your money habits and picking up on them already on their own. We want them to learn positive habits, not feelings of financial worry. Preparing your kids well doesn’t always mean actively teaching (although you can do that too!)… sometimes it’s as simple as monkey see monkey do.