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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

power of a handshake-money lessons for kids

The Power of a Handshake

The best advice my kids have ever received was from our neighbour.

He is a professional man, very successful in the business world. He is always busy pulling in and out of his garage going to and from work. Always dressed in a tailored business suit and always carrying his leather briefcase. Rarely do we get more than a nod, simply because he is either on the phone or looking at files.

Often my kids would be playing out front and watch him pull in and out. I could see the questions in their eyes… “I wonder what he does or where he goes every day?”

One special morning, my neighbour stopped to have a discussion with my then 6-year-old. I’ll never forget what he said. And neither will my son. He said “Son, shake my hand” and of course he did. Then my neighbour followed with this tidbit of advice that is so simple, yet so powerful. “Son, always have a strong handshake. It is important.”

To this day, ten years later, my boy has not forgotten that piece of advice. And he has always maintained a strong handshake. But it’s not just about strength, it’s about confidence. Confidence is 90% of the battle in anything kids do.

Help inspire their confidence and they will do great things.