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Worth the Money? You Tell Me…

Recently, my husband and I were at our friends house for a hot summer evening visit on the patio and their 13 year old son offered us an ice cream bar to cool down.

He brought us the “fancy” ice cream bars. The kind with chocolate ganache and drizzly caramel in the center, covered in crushed nuts and dipped in Belgian chocolate. They were soooo yummy! I was a bit surprised when he went to get himself a bar and returned with a plain old vanilla dip. Nothing fancy about it. So I asked him “Why aren’t you having one of these ones?” as I took another delicious bite of mine.

His reply… “I was at the store with mom when she bought them. They are $4 a bar! That’s too much for everyday eating.” I was surprised at his candor, but impressed by his logic! He is right! It would take a big grocery budget to sustain a fridge full of $4 ice cream bars.

I thought to myself… “That boy will do well in life”. His logic, his insight, and his generosity will take him places for sure.