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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

100% effort all the time-kids and money

100% Effort All the Time?

Who has seen or lived this scenario? Multiple kids in multiple sports, running to arenas and fields and studios every night of the week. Kids who want to try everything and put in tons of effort and endeavour into anything they try?

But… when it comes to mowing the grass or walking the dog, you get the “I’m too tired” excuse. The struggle is real.

Teach your kids to put the same amount of effort into everything they do. It’s part of their character. I know it’s hard. It is sometimes difficult for kids to see past their own needs. Keep pushing. Try using money as the explainer…

I have asked these questions…

Do you think an employer will pay you money to do nothing? No.

And does it take money to do things like sports and activities? Yes.

So if you do nothing to help out around the house (and earn nothing), should you be rewarded with your activities (that cost $)?

Fact: sports and activities cost money, it’s okay to assign a value to them. And it’s okay to require your kids to contribute to making them happen.