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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

Talk Money With Your Classroom Today!

With a strong focus emerging on financial literacy in schools, educators are finding it challenging to figure out where to begin. The first step to financial literacy is opening the money conversation. Money is not always talked about at home so it may be a very new topic for your students. Here’s how you can start…

We recommend you start by asking these 3 simple questions to ease your class into the discussion.

1. What is money for?
A broad question like this will open up the floor to bring forth their perception of money. You will likely hear, “you buy things with it”. See if you can extend the conversation a bit further… talk about the specific costs associated with food, clothing, shelter, transportation, life spending, etc.

2. What would you do without it?
What if we had no money? Can we trade for everything we need? What if we don’t have enough money for the things we want? Talk as a class about solutions to these questions.

3. How do you get it?
Use this opportunity to discuss the concept of earning and paychecks. Kids know money comes from working, but they should also start thinking about different ways to earn money (garage sales, lemonade stands, markets & fairs, etc.)

Each question leads the discussion naturally to the next one. Expand on the thoughts and ideas of your students with each question. You’ll be surprised where the conversation takes you…

Once your students are comfortable with talking about money, the next step is to get them started with the MoneyPrep program! We provide tons of interactive financial literacy games as well as an extensive curriculum. Let the games begin!