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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

cashless society-financial education for kids

Cashless Society?

I recently had a discussion with a friend about the world moving toward a completely digital monetary system. We talked about how there is already a huge reliance on plastic with credit and debit cards. We discussed how the last few years have introduced even more technology-based payment options like paying with your phone. How long will it be before we don’t need (or want) cash anymore???

To me, we lose a lot when we lose our cash… we lose a bit of our country’s identity. Cash is an artistic representation of all the things that make our country our country. We lose that feeling of earning something physical. We lose our roots of barter and trade, I’ll give you this if you give me that.

Most importantly, our kids lose out on the joy of putting money in a piggy bank. They lose out on the pride and excitement of turning over hard earned cash for an item they have been saving for. They lose out on the feeling of a job well done when they get cash for work they have completed. Touching and feeling money is more important than the balance in terms of really understanding value.

To me, cash is beautiful. For the artwork, the history and everything it represents. I hope it sticks around!