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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

giving is growing-money lessons for kids

Giving is Growing!

When we give anything, it feels good. Time, money, a helping hand…

That feel-good rush is important and in fact, an essential part of learning about money handling and social responsibility. We need to give in order to understand value and reach.

Just think about the charity campaigns that spell it out for us… a recent example I’ve seen is “Feed someone in need for a $2 per meal”. That is a wonderful way to understand value and reach.

We have a give jar in our house, actually, each of my kids has one. They decide when to give and to whom. For some of my boys, they love the idea of knowing exactly where their money is being used… “I am so happy I just fed 10 people today with my $20!”. The older boys are more abstract with their giving and like to give to medical research.

Either way, it feels good and they are contributing to society in a meaningful way.

No matter what your kids give… time, money, support… encourage it. I have always applauded making monetary contributions to charity, no matter how big or small that contribution may be.

It helps them to understand value, reach, and most importantly, it inspires them to become socially responsible with their money and caring and giving humans.