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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

habit stacking for kids

Habit Stacking for Kids

Here’s an idea. Habit Stacking…but for kids!

What is habit stacking?

Habit stacking is layering new and small habits on top of your existing habits. The goal for them is to be simple and repeatable.

How can I implement this with my kids?

Kids are capable of forming habits the same way as adults do. But it’s best if it’s a team effort. Kids look up to their parents when they form habits. So, you need to model the behaviour that you want them to practice. Implement the changes in your life too!

A good way of doing that is by linking two tasks and using the “after I perform duty X, I will perform duty Y” approach. It could be as simple as “after I finish my homework, I will play MoneyPrep for 15 minutes”. Use this terminology when interacting with your kids and encourage them to do so as well!

The trick is to focus on the small wins. This is an easy and achievable way to start off your New Year’s resolutions!