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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

November 1, 2021

November’s #1 Fan is MoneyPrep!

Making money a safe topic to discuss this National Financial Literacy Month

MoneyPrep LOVES the month of November! Not only because of the pumpkin spice and everything nice meets jingle bells vibes in the air but because November is National Financial Literacy Month in Canada.

MoneyPrep is celebrating by kicking off a national campaign to make money a safe topic to discuss with Breaking Taboo: Opening the Money Conversation. It’s a movement that intends to remove the stigma surrounding talking about money, by talking about money!

Financial literacy is near and dear to our hearts, especially early childhood financial literacy. We know that the more people discuss their financial details with their kids, the easier it will be for kids to learn money management skills. But many people are unwilling to open up about money because it’s a subject that makes them squirm.

“It’s a catch-22 type of an issue,” admits MoneyPrep Public Relations Manager, Erin Slobodian. “Kids can’t learn about something that no one actually wants to talk to them about and it’s not doing them any favors! Money is something that will continue to impact their lives every single day and they need to know how to work with it before it becomes a burden rather than the tool it is meant to be. We can help by making money a safe topic to discuss.”

When kids get the basics down, they’re on the right path to building a future filled with smart money decisions made more often. MoneyPrep helps to lay a strong foundation of financial literacy basics in young kids with a fun video game app. Search “MoneyPrep” on Google Play and the App Store.

Wishing you a prosperity-focused National Financial Literacy Month from MoneyPrep!