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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

teach your kids about money this halloween

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money this Halloween!

Halloween is soon approaching and many parents overlook this spooky holiday as a perfect time to teach their kids about money! Here are 5 important money lessons to teach your kids this Halloween!

  1. Don’t eat all of your Halloween candy at once!
    The money lesson? Delay gratification.

Teaching your kids to spread out their Halloween candy consumption not only saves them from a stomachache and the aftermath of a sugar crash but it also inadvertently teaches them the important money lesson of delaying instant gratification. Encourage your kids to divide their candy into days (for instance, 3 candies a day) so they can enjoy their hard-earned candy for longer and feel good about doing it!

2. Make a costume from scratch!
The money lesson? You don’t always have to buy new.

You don’t always have to break the bank to buy your kids a brand new Halloween costume every year… this year, why not try crafting a costume from scratch with clothes and materials you already have at home? Ask your kids to pick their favorite cartoon character, superhero, or princess, and let’s get thrifty! (Literally, though, check out a thrift store for the materials you don’t have at home!)

3. Share your Halloween haul!
The money lesson? Give when you can.

Maybe a fellow student didn’t get to go Trick-or-Treating this year or maybe they went Trick-or-Treating in a neighborhood full of dentists. Always encourage your kids to give when they can, even if it’s not giving away actual money. Later on in life, this will translate into charitable money habits – giving is growing!

4. Trade your unwanted candy.
The money lesson? The art of negotiation!

Any time your kids trade their lollipop for a chocolate bar, they’re practicing their negotiation skills! Trading is an important money skill that is so often overlooked! Encourage your kids to practice the good old’ barter and trade this Halloween.

5. Sort your stash!
The money lesson? Organizing money.

After a busy night out of Trick-or-Treating, ask your kids to dump their stash and sort like candies together! These are actions that are replicated with real-life money handling. Knowing how to sort and count like items makes the basis for how we sort and count actual money. Let them practice these skills in a fun and delicious way!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone, and have some fun with teaching money this spooky season!