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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

Kids These Days Are SO Lucky!

Generation Alpha is not your average generation of kids and rightfully so! After all, they are raised by millennial parents in a heavily tech influenced world so we can all agree they are growing up at a faster pace.

We can’t help but think “Wow, they’re so lucky!”. They are wise beyond their years and have unlimited access to tech and resources that are helping them grow exponentially.

Who is Generation Alpha?

Following Gen Z, Generation Alpha includes all kids born after 2010, right when Instagram and the iPad hit the market (literally born with smart-tech). They are reported to be the largest generation yet, with sources estimating almost 2 billion of them by 2025.

What makes them different?

This generation has been raised with tech and has comfort on screens. Moreover, they are growing at a time when technology is smarter and the world is more digitized than ever. With the pandemic, online learning has become extremely normalized. This has resulted in a huge dependency on digital teaching methods… which is not necessarily a bad thing!

In fact, because this generation is growing up with all kinds of technology, they have a key advantage. They can navigate the digital world and integrate it into the real one with ease. An example of this is how they use video games to build technical life skills. While many of us at their age were only partaking in non-technical outdoor play, the Alpha’s are additionally building their analytical and problem solving skills while playing fun video games.

MoneyPrep cares about the Alpha Gen

This generation has been fortunate to have lots of resources at their disposal; however, the one thing lacking is comprehensive financial literacy skill building. With all the products and services on the market catering to teens, there is nothing being offered to pre-teens.

Enter MoneyPrep. We believe in planting the seeds of financial knowledge early, watering it often and letting it grow into bright financial futures all over the world. More importantly, we do it their way! By gamifying the learning, we’re not only teaching them responsible money habits, we’re also doing it in a fun and engaging way.

Kids, parents and teachers are loving it! Start your Alpha’s playing and learning with MoneyPrep today!