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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

why kids need to learn about money

Why Kids Need to Learn About Money

We asked a collection of parents a couple of questions about finance and kids…

The first question was: Do you think it is important for kids to learn about money?

The resounding answer: 100% said “Yes, it is extremely important.” Not surprising right? I found the open mic answers to the next question extremely interesting because of the diverse range of responses…

The second question was: Why do you think it’s important that kids learn about money? Here are some of the answers:

  • So they don’t make the same mistakes as me.
  • So they can do better than me.
  • So they don’t squander what they have been given.
  • So they pick up good money habits.
  • So they don’t rely on me forever.
  • So I don’t have to worry about their future.

Whatever their reasons, this collection of parents agree on one thing. Kids absolutely need to learn money skills to build a healthy financial future for themselves. It is as essential as reading and writing.

Let’s face it… like it or not, money does make the world go around. And preparation is the solution to all the parent concerns listed above.

What is your why?