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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills

money and mental health

Money and Mental Health

Money and mental health are two peas in a pod. They are big parts of each other’s lives. We have long known the connection between financial circumstance and general well-being. Money is a major stressor in many households. In fact, some studies show that over 90% of people rate financial worry as their number one source of anxiety and stress.

And the worry does not discriminate! It is the same for those who don’t have enough and those who have too much. The struggle is obvious for folks who are struggling to make ends meet, not knowing how they can continue to pay bills and buy food and keep their housing secure. The struggle is less obvious but nonetheless still there for people who have sizeable assets and worry about its division and the habits of the generation that follows.

Everyone needs money skills and financial know-how to be confident with their situation and their decisions. The only way to decrease this type of stress is to educate your way through it.

True and complete wellness must include financial wellness. This doesn’t mean more money… this means knowledge of how to manage what you have. When we are confident with how to make the right choices, we have less anxiety about future outcomes.

Money and mental health will always be partners. Take care of yourself and learn how to manage both.