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top 5 educational apps for kids

Top 5 Educational Apps for Kids

I have seen a lot of games. I have 4 boys that love technology and have loved online learning games since they were little. To me, educational games do not always have to be about a core subject. Kids learn just as much from games that inspire creativity, strategy and life skills. Now that my boys are older, I am so thankful that I fed their creative sides with as much weight as their academic ones. In the grand scheme of things, to raise well-rounded humans we need to offer them all kinds of exposure. Here are some of the fun educational apps for kids that I recommend:

  1. Toca Life World – This app is all about exploration. Kids can create their own world and play out any story they like. There are tons of items, people and places to discover. This app is full of fun and fancy. Great for unearthing their inner curiosity.

2. Flow Free – This app is a puzzle game. Kids search for a way to connect colored dots and the difficulty level increases as they go. They must use foresight and problem solving skills to complete the puzzles.

3. Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop – This app is a baking and cake decorating app. It leads kids through the steps to bake and decorate a cake and serve customers. It even has real recipes!

4. Elf Yourself – This app takes your photo and puts it on a dancing elf body. Now, why is this educational? Because it encourages fun, self-awareness and a release of inhibitions. These are very valuable traits to both learn and foster.

5. MoneyPrep – This app is a fun way to build money skills and awareness. Kids face money challenges and learn smart money habits. Great app for life prep!

The above games are fun and they all teach something. It may not be math or reading, but they have value just the same.