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Teaching Kids Everyday Money Skills


A Lender’s Perspective #1

During my time as a banker, I discovered a love of lending. I met many different people and I advised them in many different situations. Although the situations were all unique, many had a common underlying factor… a lack of money management skills.

is it worth the money? financial literacy for kids

Worth the Money? You Tell Me…

Recently, my husband and I were at our friends house for a hot summer evening visit on the patio and their 13 year old son offered us an ice cream bar to cool down.

cashless society-financial education for kids

Cashless Society?

To me, we lose a lot when we lose our cash… we lose a bit of our country’s identity. Cash is an artistic representation of all the things that make our country our country.

lead by example-teaching kids money

Lead By Example: The Collection

When it comes to money, I believe that sharing and encouraging your kids to be charitable makes them better money managers as well as better citizens. I give to people on the street when they ask as often as I can, especially when my kids are with me.

why teach your kids about financial literacy?

Why Teach Your Kids About Financial Literacy?

There are many obvious reasons why kids need a financial education. The most glaring being the lack of readiness for an emergency, little retirement preparation and the rising debt load for students.